The Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) is a not-for-profit organization that advances economic development by strengthening financial sectors in developing countries.  We believe that healthy financial systems are vital to promoting job creation, economic growth and a better quality of life.

How do we work?

FSVC delivers practical technical assistance to local partners by deploying senior financial sector professionals who serve as unpaid volunteer experts.

Our core areas of expertise include strengthening central banking capacity, improving commercial banking sectors, and developing robust capital markets.

We also work to improve access to financial services for SMEs, advance financial inclusion, strengthen public financial management, and combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Who do we work with?

FSVC works with public and private sector institutions in host countries, including financial regulators, ministry officials, law enforcement representatives, banks and non-bank financial institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and civil society representatives, among others.

What makes us different?

FSVC’s volunteer-based model makes it unique among its peers, as training and advice are inherently objective.

Moreover, our programs are demand-driven, and local partners are responsible for requesting targeted technical assistance to address self-identified challenges.

This dynamic leads to meaningful relationships built on mutual trust and understanding, ultimately resulting in sustainable progress and reform.

FSVC Timeline

More than a quarter century of transforming financial sectors in the developing and emerging market worlds

Board of Directors

Paul A. Volcker
Honorary Chairman
William H. Donaldson
Julian C. Schroeder
J. Andrew Spindler
President and CEO
William J. Burns
Robert L. Clarke
Jill M. Considine
John L. Douglas
Randall D. Guynn
Reuben Jeffery III
Henry A. Kissinger
William J. Mills
Eunice J. Panetta

Management Group

J. Andrew Spindler
President and CEO, based in New York
John D. Pompay
Chief Financial & Operating Officer, based in New York
Charles E. Kilbourne
Managing Director and Secretary of the Corporation, based in New York
Andrea Perraud
Managing Director, based in New York
Joseph Williams
Managing Director, Global Programs, based in New York

New York Staff

Mabela Ismailaga
Senior Program Officer, based in Tirana, Albania
Camille Jagueneau-Siegel
Senior Program Officer, based in New York
Leila Mansury
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, based in New York
Clayton Neighbors
Program Officer, based in New York, New York
Bella Oks
Senior Accounting Officer, based in New York
Vasily Semenikhin
Accounting & Financial Analyst, based in New York
Edward Sia
Director, based in New York
Nancy Unklesbay
Program Officer, based in New York, New York
Winnie Wakaba
Program Officer, based in New York, New York
Leah Wersebe
Program & Events Officer, based in New York

Field Staff

Mourad Baly
Regional Director, based in Nairobi, Kenya
Moez Dalloua
Regional Director, based in Tunis, Tunisia
Danyelle Gerges
Regional Director , based in Beirut, Lebanon
Erison Kotini
Regional Director, based in Tirana, Albania
Katie Thompson
Senior Advisor, based in Brasília, Brazil
FSVC gratefully acknowledges the support of these key partners and donors:

Fast-Track Procurement Mechanism: Leader with Associate (LWA)

FSVC is a lead member in the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA), an independent, non-profit consortium of 29 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that coordinates with USAID to leverage highly skilled volunteers into economic growth programs.