FSVC works to develop capital markets in emerging market countries by improving liquidity, advising on new products and services, and promoting transparent operations through enhanced financial reporting. With the support of governments and private-sector institutions in developed countries, FSVC works with regulatory agencies, securities exchanges, clearing, settlement and depository entities and market intermediaries.

FSVC’s assistance has strengthened the legislative and regulatory basis for market surveillance and enforcement, listing requirements, trading procedures, depository requirements, clearing and settlement mechanisms and broker-dealer operations.  FSVC has also worked to strengthen the capacity of regulators and their staff, including preparing and conducting examinations, and regulating new products.  In a number of countries, FSVC has collaborated with self-regulatory organizations and professional associations to help them improve operations for the registration, clearing and settlement of trades. FSVC’s activities have promoted more careful risk management strategies and offered market participants a greater diversity of financial instruments.

Key FSVC indicators from 1990 to present:


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Middle East & North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

Key Accomplishments

  • FSVC helped relax stringent listing requirements for SMEs to be listed on Nylex, the Egyptian small business exchange.
  • FSVC’s pilot program with Bloomberg examined the underlying causes of low liquidity in the Kenyan capital markets and provided recommendations on new products and services.
Expanding Access to Finance
Expanding Access to Finance

Help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive job creation, competition and innovation.

Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Assist countries in thwarting criminal activities and protecting the savings of citizens and their businesses.

Strengthening Regulation & Supervision
Strengthening Regulation & Supervision

Build the capacity of central banks and regulatory agencies to promote a sound and competitive financial sector.

Expanding Commercial Banking
Expanding Commercial Banking

Strengthen the capacity of banks to provide the credit and services that drive development and economic growth.

Strengthening Public Financial Management
Strengthening Public Financial Management

Help governments better manage resources to provide citizens with infrastructure and services.


Convene top international experts to discuss economic, financial, energy security and climate change issues.