FSVC works to promote transparency and accountability in developing and emerging market countries by strengthening public financial management (PFM).  On the supply-side, FSVC’s PFM programs promote international best practices in budget management and execution, cash management, procurement, internal controls and internal/external audit across government institutions. On the demand-side, FSVC also encourages transparency and accountability by training civil society organizations (CSOs) on best practices in budget advocacy, establishing coalitions and watchdog agencies, and launching media and public awareness campaigns.

Key FSVC indicators from 2011 to present:


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Central & Eastern Europe
Middle East & North Africa
East & Southeast Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

Key Accomplishments

  • The creation and operationalization of the Jordanian Budget Alliance, a formal coalition of 11 CSOs working on open budget-related issues.
  • The publication of the first-ever Citizens’ Budget (2015) and Mid-Year Review (2016) in Jordan.
  • Improved communication between the legislative branch and the executive branch of government on budget issues, and significantly increased the participation of CSOs in the budget process in Jordan.
  • Helped establish the CSO Budget Participation Group (GOSCOP), the first ever CSO budget monitoring coalition in Angola.
  • Trained PFM trainers at the government institute for public finances in Angola to ensure sustainability.
  • Launched e-platform (www.cabrane.com) with Tunisian Association of Public Auditors (ATCP) to allow citizens and CSOs to track government expenditures on public projects.
  • Assistance resulted in the publication of the Ctizens’ Budget in Tunisia.
  • Trained over 100 Zambian ministry officials on the adoption and implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), an innovative software platform that enables government officials to account for public revenues and expenditures more effectively and transparently.
Countering Corruption
Countering Corruption

Assist government institutions, the private sector and civil society to prevent, detect and disrupt corruption.

Expanding Access to Finance
Expanding Access to Finance

Help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive job creation, competition and innovation.

Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Assist countries in thwarting criminal activities and protecting the savings of citizens and their businesses.

Strengthening Regulation & Supervision
Strengthening Regulation & Supervision

Build the capacity of central banks and regulatory agencies to promote a sound and competitive financial sector.

Promoting Capital Markets Development
Promoting Capital Markets Development

Deepen capital markets and their supervision to create greater financing and investment opportunities.

Expanding Commercial Banking
Expanding Commercial Banking

Strengthen the capacity of banks to provide the credit and services that drive development and economic growth.


Convene top international experts to discuss economic, financial, energy security and climate change issues.