Sound, well-regulated and efficient commercial banks play a critical role in stimulating and sustaining a country’s economic growth.  They support local entrepreneurship through lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), minimize financial crimes with transparent management, and promote market stability by efficiently regulating risk.

FSVC’s technical assistance has aligned commercial bank and non-bank financial institutions’ operations international standards and best practices.  FSVC’s achievements in the area of commercial banking and finance have included increasing financing for SMEs, improving credit risk management, implementing Basel II and III, reducing financial crime and innovating financial products and services.

Key FSVC indicators from 1990 to present:


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Central & Eastern Europe
Middle East & North Africa
South America
South & Central Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

Key Accomplishments

  • FSVC worked with a local bank and leasing company in Tunisia to improve leasing sales process by introducing cross-selling tactics, resulting in an increase in sales to existing customers.
  • FSVC provided financial executives practical training on risk management techniques, including market, operational, credit and liquidity risks in Libya. As a result, Libyan banks were incentived to strengthen lax practices they have historically used to underwrite loans to state-owned companies.
  • FSVC worked with local microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Lebanon on their risk management and credit scoring policies and practices, helping them to identify and manage risk within their loan portfolios.
  • In partnership with the Egyptian Private Equity Association (EPEA), FSVC provided a series of trainings to Egyptian private equity (PE) practitioners and bankers on PE valuation, financial modeling and exit mechanisms.   As a result, Egyptian bankers and PE practitioners are equipped to better assess their future investments in the Egyptian SME sector.
Countering Corruption
Countering Corruption

Assist government institutions, the private sector and civil society to prevent, detect and disrupt corruption.

Expanding Access to Finance
Expanding Access to Finance

Help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive job creation, competition and innovation.

Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
Combating Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Assist countries in thwarting criminal activities and protecting the savings of citizens and their businesses.

Strengthening Regulation & Supervision
Strengthening Regulation & Supervision

Build the capacity of central banks and regulatory agencies to promote a sound and competitive financial sector.

Promoting Capital Markets Development
Promoting Capital Markets Development

Deepen capital markets and their supervision to create greater financing and investment opportunities.

Strengthening Public Financial Management
Strengthening Public Financial Management

Help governments better manage resources to provide citizens with infrastructure and services.


Convene top international experts to discuss economic, financial, energy security and climate change issues.