What kinds of skills are typically required from FSVC volunteers?

FSVC’s typical volunteer is a financial services professional with a minimum of ten years of experience in his or her specialized field, and who has significant managerial responsibility at his or her institution.  The majority of our volunteers come from the banking sector, regulatory and legal communities, and capital markets sector.  However, we also receive frequent requests for expertise in payments system development, pension reform, and insurance sector reform.


What type of work can I expect to do as an FSVC volunteer?

FSVC volunteer assignments are typically one week in duration and overseas.   However, there are four types of FSVC projects:

In-Country:  Volunteers travel to the country where assistance is requested.  Projects can be in the form of consultations, workshops, seminars, roundtable discussions, etc.

Stateside: Volunteers can host meetings or training for representatives from overseas financial institutions when they visit the United States.

Third-Country:  Volunteers can host meetings or training for representatives from overseas financial institutions when they visit a non-U.S. country for a project.

Commentaries:  Volunteers can provide written feedback on various topics of importance to overseas financial institutions.  Most often, commentaries are legal in nature, such as providing comments on a draft law.  No travel is required on either the counterpart or the volunteer side.

Your job is to lead these activities, alone or in partnership with another volunteer, enabling the overseas financial institutions that request assistance to address specific challenges.


What can I expect if I volunteer for an FSVC project?

While actual time overseas is typically limited to one week, there is frequently some additional work related to preparation and follow-up.  Many volunteers keep in close touch with individuals they meet through their FSVC assignment.  Other volunteers participate in more than one project, actively seeking new and different opportunities.


Do FSVC staff accompany volunteers on projects?

Yes, FSVC staff, either from our overseas offices or our New York headquarters, will be present during projects.


Do I need to know the language of the country to which I will be sent?

No, but it can be helpful.  Our in-country staff are fluent in the local language and will be present for the duration of your assignment.  When appropriate, interpreters are provided.


What kind of information can I expect to receive from FSVC?

FSVC prepares a full project briefing for all volunteers.  We also give you information about the host country and the conditions you can expect to experience.


What about my travel and accommodation arrangements?

FSVC makes all your travel arrangements, including airfare and visas, and covers the costs of your hotel and meals during your stay abroad.  We make every effort to ensure your safety and comfort while on an FSVC project.  We also provide for emergency medical assistance.


Should I still apply if I don't see my skill set listed?

Yes!  Please let us know that you would like to join us, and what your skills are.  We are always reviewing our portfolio of skilled volunteers.  While we may not find a match for you immediately, the demand for your expertise may surface in the near future.


Is it safe for me to travel abroad as an FSVC volunteer?

FSVC makes every effort to ensure the safety of its volunteers and follows the recommendations of the U.S. State Department regarding safety and security.


Can I volunteer without traveling abroad?

Yes.  Many of our volunteers are involved in hosting overseas financial institutions that request assistance during their visits to the United States.  Such hosting can take the form of arranging custom-tailored internships, conducting meetings at your firm, arranging for tours of back-office operations, and other practical ways of transferring knowledge.  FSVC volunteers also provide commentary on draft legislation and internal policies on banking, capital markets, etc., with no travel required.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at volunteer@fsvc.org.