Since 2011, FSVC has worked to strengthen regional financial integration throughout the East African Community (EAC), combat money laundering and terrorist financing, and support capital markets development in Kenya.

Key FSVC indicators for Kenya from 2011-Present


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Current Programs

FSVC received funding from Bloomberg to help the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya increase liquidity in the nation's capital markets.
FSVC is developing a multi-asset surveillance system in Kenya that can overhaul the surveillance capacity of the CMA as the regulator of the Kenyan capital market.
FSVC launched a new program in October 2020 to support the agricultural commodities exchange market in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Past Programs

FSVC conducted a program with funding from USAID to support regional financial integration efforts across to harmonize the EAC markets.
FSVC works with public and private sector professionals in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to detect, deter and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.
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