Beijing: June 2013

New Delhi: November 2012

The FSVC/Carnegie Symposium in Beijing helped frame complex key policy issues in the international financial system, energy security and climate change in new and illuminating ways.  The inclusion of a number of “rising young stars” from each country also contributed to a dynamic exchange of views and provided an important perspective from emerging market countries that have experienced significant change over the past generation.  While several policy recommendations were developed, the Beijing Symposium, more importantly, helped frame key issues, and contributed to building understanding among experts and opinion-makers from numerous countries.

The FSVC/Carnegie Symposium in New Delhi was represented by a mix of established specialists and long-term participants in the FSVC/Carnegie projects.  Together they probed the challenges facing the United States, China, India and Russia, as well as the global system as a whole, in order to find common themes linking the situations in the four countries, and defining the current environment internationally.  These discussions shaped the themes that would become the topics of future Carnegie Symposiums.

Executive Summary and Rapporteur's Report
Executive Summary and Rapporteur's Report
Executive Summary and Rapporteur's Report