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Message from FSVC President & CEO

Dear Members of the FSVC Community,

In recent weeks, all of us, in our respective countries, have been grappling with a global pandemic like none of us has ever witnessed. In the United States, we are now also grappling with pain, fear and outrage over the senseless killing of George Floyd, and the countless others who have died due to horrific acts of racism in our country. We at FSVC stand as allies with all who are hurting, our colleagues and friends in the FSVC community, and the peaceful protesters demanding real progress against systemic, institutional racism.

At FSVC, our mission has always been to improve people’s lives, regardless of the color of their skin, their gender, their religion or in what country they were born. We work every day to include as many people as possible in safe, well-functioning financial systems that protect people’s savings, provide capital to launch their entrepreneurial dreams, and are safe from those perpetrating acts of terror and spreading extremism and violence. This mission is global, and so is our family at FSVC. We are a wonderfully diverse group, coming from very different backgrounds, and that is our strength.

We are committed, through our work and our community, to contributing to the ongoing struggle to end racism. We raise our hearts and minds in solidarity with all those seeking the same goal, and pledge our commitment to uphold our values of compassion, empathy and respect for humanity at FSVC. In the face of widespread anger and chaos, we have each other for support, and we will stand together for social justice.

With respect and in appreciation,


J. Andrew Spindler

President & CEO