Berlin: June 2015

Hong Kong: June 2014

The FSVC/Carnegie Symposium in Berlin was dedicated, and commenced with a tribute, to Dr. John Steinbruner, one of the Principal Investigators of the project, who passed away in early 2015.  He leaves behind a legacy of cooperation, and commitment to open and honest discussion.  Participants focused on the opportunities and possible cooperation available through stronger existing international institutions, as well as the creation of new international institutions, to tackle issues arising in the financial and energy sectors, particularly climate change.

The FSVC/Carnegie Symposium in Hong Kong had several prevailing themes throughout, but concern over a perceived lack of leadership in tackling increasingly complex global problems was pervasive.  However, the Symposium provided a forum in which ideas were exchanged openly about the different potential avenues available for cooperation, and how to share insights from the symposium with policy- and decision-makers in participants’ respective countries.

Executive Summary and Rapporteur's Report
Executive Summary and Rapporteur's Report