We are all witnessing a tragic sequence of events as the Russian invasion of Ukraine proceeds. For those of us in the FSVC family, this is a particularly painful time. Our organization engaged in transformative work to help build key components of market-based financial sectors in both Ukraine and Russia, starting in the early 1990s. The senseless, horrific war that Vladimir Putin has launched is having a devastating impact on Ukraine, and the long-term damage to Russia will be severe as well.
We at FSVC stand in solidarity with Ukraine, in support of its citizens’ valiant efforts to maintain their country’s independence. We extend heartfelt sympathy to all the wonderful friends and colleagues we have had in Ukraine over three decades. FSVC has worked hand-in-hand with countless reformers in Ukraine who have sought tirelessly to build a stronger, safer, and more inclusive financial sector for its people. To these reformers, past field staff, translators and others who have partnered with FSVC, making this transformative work possible – we stand united with you and your country.
J. Andrew Spindler
President & CEO
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