In December 2019, FSVC launched a new major program in Angola funded by the Angolan central bank, Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA). The program will help strengthen the capacity of the BNA in the areas of AML/CFT supervision and prudential banking supervision.

· Deliver a series of interconnected activities, including trainings, to the BNA on bank supervision and AML/CFT policies and procedures that meet international standards;

· Topics will include how to implement a risk-based approach to the supervision of banks; best practices in the AML/CFT on- and off-site supervision of banks; and how to supervise compliance related to Politically Exposed Persons, among other topics.

Program Impact

This program, undertaken in parallel with another FSVC program to build AML/CFT capacity directly with Angolan banks through the Angolan Banking Association (ABANC), will help instill confidence in the integrity of the financial sector, and help maintain or strengthen Angola’s linkages to the global economy.