In 2021, with funding from the U.S. Department of State’s Fiscal Transparency Innovation Fund (FTIF), FSVC launched a program to assist the Government of Algeria (GoA) in increasing budget transparency and oversight on the use of public resources, and citizen participation in the budget process.

FSVC will structure practical, demand-driven activities designed to equip the GoA to undertake reforms on its own. FSVC will implement an 18-month program with the following two objectives:

1) Build the capacity of the Algerian Supreme Audit Institution (Cour des Comptes or CdC) to implement audit policies and procedures.

FSVC will begin by conducting an in-depth needs assessment of the CdC’s institutional capacity to identify its current needs and capacity. Based on this assessment, FSVC will design and implement a series of training activities to help the CdC adopt international standards in public expenditures oversight, including performance and infrastructure project auditing, and publishing audit results.

2) Strengthen the GoA’s budget disclosure, and accounting and reporting capability.

FSVC will support the GoA’s efforts to boost public participation in the budget process by implementing the International Sector Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), and publishing several key budget documents and ensuring that they are accessible to citizens. FSVC will also work with the GoA to create an avenue for constructive engagement on citizens’ needs and priorities.

Program Impact