In August 2017, FSVC was awarded a grant from USAID/Southern Africa to strengthen anti-corruption efforts and procedures in Angola and Swaziland.  The program will build on FSVC’s prior program to support public financial management in Angola, and will expand that work into Swaziland, the last absolute monarchy in Africa.

FSVC’s program focuses on 1) building the capacity of the legislature to hold the executive accountable for public revenues and expenditures, 2) strengthening the audit and analytical capacity of the Supreme Audit Institution to act as a budget oversight institution, and 3) increasing the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to advocate for budget reform through policy and opinion papers.  FSVC will continue to work with the Angolan Public Finance Training Institute (Instituto de Formação de Finanças Públicas – INFORFIP) to coordinate training sessions for government officials, and will partner with the CSO Budget Participation Group (Grupo de Organizações das Sociedade Civil Para o Orçamento Participativo – GOSCOP) to strengthen CSO budget analysis and influence in Angola.  In Swaziland, FSVC will train Members of Parliament on budget oversight and approval, and work with local CSOs to engage with government on budget issues.

Program Impact

Program activity will begin in Q4 2017.