In December 2020, FSVC began its work on a USAID-funded program entitled “Inclusive Socio-Economic Development (ISED)” in the region of Beni Mellal-Khenifra (BMK), Morocco.  The ISED program will help improve governance for increased regional growth and enhance livelihoods and business opportunities in the region of BMK.  The program emphasizes the inclusion of vulnerable citizens in all of its activities.  FSVC is implementing this program in partnership with FHI360 and LixCap.

The ISED program focuses on two key, integrated objectives:

  1. Improved governance for increased regional growth and inclusion of youth, women and people with disabilities; and
  2. Enhanced livelihoods and business activity through innovation.

Under Objective 1, FSVC and LixCap’s work will focus, among others, on increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of sub-government institutions, improving access to information, and strengthening the business environment of BMK.  Under Objective 2, FSVC and LixCap’s work will include, among others, improving local businesses’ access to markets, business development skills and finance.

Program Impact