In July 2019, FSVC launched a USAID-funded program focused on strengthening political accountability and policy-making, as well as fostering stronger civil society engagement. This program, titled “SHIGA”, will take place over the next three years, during which FSVC will work with government institutions and civil society organizations.

The aim of the project is for Niger’s civil society to engage the government more effectively, and for key government institutions to be more effective in their mandates and meet the needs of citizens. To do this, SHIGA will strive to achieve three main objectives:

  • Objective 1: Civil society holds responsible government more actively and effectively, and creates demand for targeted reforms and better implementation by the government. FSVC will provide technical assistance to civil society organizations to build their capacity to advocate for reforms. The technical approach is modeled on the incubation paradigm widely used successfully in the private sector for start-ups.
  • Objective 2: Targeted government institutions are more accountable to citizens, and more efficient and transparent in their operations. Capacity building will rely less on formal training and more on learning-by-doing, led by policy experts.
  • Objective 3: Create and/or strengthen spaces for constructive engagement between citizens, civil society and the state to identify and implement targeted priority reforms.

Program Impact