In Morocco, municipalities are responsible for designing and implementing action plans to achieve inclusive local development objectives. The municipalities of Béni Mellal and Khenifra, located in central Morocco, lack experience however in soliciting citizens’ input in policy design, including in the municipal budget.
To help strengthen citizen participation in local governance, FSVC organized a training for elected officials and senior civil servants of the municipal governments of Béni Mellal and Khenifra. The FSVC volunteer experts presented low-cost, easy-to-implement methodologies to gather citizen feedback in budget and policy decision, and prioritize ideas. They also explained the importance of communicating with the public how their input will be used.
As a result, the municipalities of Béni Mellal and Khenifra have acquired tools to better solicit and incorporate civil society’s input in local policy design. This will help spend limited budget resources into citizens’ most needed services.
This training was organized in partnership with FHI360, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).