The Nigerien Supreme Audit Institution (SAI), the highest oversight body for public financial management in Niger, plays an important role in the transparency and accountability of public resources management in the country. It publishes an annual report that, in the past, mainly went unnoticed by the population.
In March, FSVC organized two workshops in collaboration with the SAI to provide a forum for exchange with the media and civil society. The goal of the two workshops was to provide an overview of the structure and functions of the SAI, and to distribute the recently-finalized audit report for 2020. 
Since the organization of the two events, there has been a significant amount of discussion in Niger’s formal
media and on social media about the audit report, and many observers have expressed appreciation for the transparency of the SAI and its willingness to engage. The results of the report have been shared repeatedly on social media, including photographs of particular pages and links to the report on the SAI’s website. One Nigerien journalist wrote, “I now better understand the role and mission of the SAI. We consequently commented and analyzed the 2020 report, particularly the mismanagement of several public companies, and many readers asked us where they could find this document. We simply refer them to the website of the SAI.”