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FSVC Featured in the Kenya Daily Nation: Plan to Unlock Potential of Stock Market

Plan to unlock potential of stock market


By JAMES NGUNJIRIOver the recent years, Kenya’s capital market has registered impressive growth in virtually all parameters, thanks in part to reforms initiated to improve the stock market.

This rapid development has, however, brought to light several challenges that limit its future growth.

This brings to the fore the need for stronger market infrastructure, increased diversification of financial products and services to cater to the growing needs of investors and issuers.

There is also the need to enhance the level of awareness among potential and existing investors regionally and internationally.

To help address these challenges, the Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC), the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bloomberg and Fordham Law School are collaborating with Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to build the capacity for the authority and market intermediaries.

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