Commercial Banking
Sound, well-regulated, and efficient commercial banking stimulates sustainable economic development by providing credit and services to individuals, businesses and investors. FSVC’s commercial banking programs are enabling banks to meet the needs of their customers and increase access to finance for businesses and individuals. FSVC’s technical assistance fosters more competitive and better regulated commercial banks in emerging markets, providing opportunity for disadvantaged populations and integrating transitioning economies into the global market.

Countries Served:
FSVC Commercial Banking Experience
Key Indicators: 1999- 2012
Projects Completed 689
Number of Countries Served 36
Individuals Trained 15,309
Pro Bono Hours Delievered 95,337

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malawi, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Types of Activities:
-  Strengthening internal audit/controls and risk management policies/procedures;
-  Developing new products and services for specific segments, including female-owned businesses and agri-businesses;
-  Improving institutional efficiency and enhancing bank management;
-  Improving a bank’s proficiency on lending and portfolio management;
-  Strengthening a bank’s anti-fraud procedures and corporate governance;
-  Adopting transparent banking operations and international accounting standards;

-  Modernizing commercial bank regulations and enhancing bank supervision;
-  Reducing nonperforming loans and promoting bank consolidation/privatization;
-  Expanding SME lending.

Our Accomplishments: 
Participants during a training to bolster the profitability of SMEs in Egypt
Egypt – HSBC (2010):
In 2010, FSVC initiated a partnership with HSBC to strengthen entrepreneurship and support greater access to finance for small businesses. A keystone of that program is, a unique web portal designed to help Egyptian small businesses improve their financial management, expand their markets and become more
“bankable.” FSVC has also organized a series of workshops to promote SME lending, both on behalf of banks and borrowers.
Morocco – Regional, Moroccan Commercial Banks (2007-2009):
Between 2007 and 2009, FSVC facilitated projects aimed at strengthening two regional Moroccan banks’ capacities to more effectively service low-income populations based in rural areas. FSVC deployed volunteer experts to build and expand participants’ marketing and product development expertise. In-country consultations helped the Moroccan bankers evaluate current marketing and distribution strategies for the segment, including cost efficiencies associated with mobile technology and other ‘branchless banking’ solutions; better understand how to navigate the challenges typically associated with servicing underserved areas, including risk management; and develop consumable products for the unbanked. FSVC also organized study tours to South Africa commercial banks to learn about the advanced application of mobile technology as a low-cost distribution channel for low-income, under-banked populations.

Azerbaijan – Rabitabank (2009-Present):
In 2010, FSVC facilitated a U.S. study tour for representatives of Rabitabank to three commercial banks where participants observed examples of practical, hands-on SME business line operations. The meetings addressed issues related to human resources, information technology and management information systems, sales and marketing, and branch management. As a result, Rabitabank’s delegation gained in-depth insight into the operations of three successful banks, each representing a different corporate strategy, asset size and employee base. In 2009, FSVC Volunteer experts trained Rabitabank sales staff on leading practices in product development, branching concepts, retail lending, and sales incentives.