Areas of Expertise





FSVC Areas of Expertise 

Combating Money Laundering and Financial Crime:
FSVC has been working with government regulators and private sector institutions to combat money laundering and financial crime across the globe for over a decade.  Our volunteer experts have helped create systems to detect and identify suspicious activity in the financial sector by training staff at financial institutions in anti-money laundering (AML) practices; developing new legislation and regulations; and supporting new financial intelligence units.  The result is a more transparent system that inspires confidence and encourages participation and investment in the financial sector.  

Expanding Access to Finance:   
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive job creation, competition and innovation.  They serve as the primary vehicle for entrepreneurship and play an integral role in economic growth.  FSVC works with banks to bring about structural reform to strengthen or adopt risk management and credit policies and procedures in line with international best practices and to develop SME lending businesses strategically.  As a result, banks are able to make more funds available, serve SMEs more efficiently and lift more citizens out of poverty.  FSVC also works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to strengthen their capacity in key business management skills to help them secure funding and grow their businesses.  

Promoting Capital Market Development:
FSVC has worked with business associations, governments and stock exchanges to build strong capital markets in emerging market countries around the globe for more than 10 years.  Our volunteer experts have helped implement new regulations and legislation, reduce risk and bring management operations in line with international standards.  The results are capital markets that increase confidence, investment and bolster economic growth.  

Strengthening Bank Regulation and Supervision:
Strong independent central banks, as well as supervisory and regulatory agencies capable of overseeing and enforcing compliance in banks and non-bank financial institutions, are essential to a sound banking sector.  FSVC works with supervisory and regulatory institutions to apply risk-based supervision techniques to assess banks’ internal policies and processes to identify, measure, monitor and control risks; and conduct transaction testing to determine a financial institution’s compliance with laws and regulations.  The result is the development of efficient, competitive banking systems.

Supporting Small Business Growth:
Across the world, SMEs play an important role in sustaining economic growth and creating jobs.  FSVC works at the policy level with central banks to strengthen legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for business and financial sector institutions, including the transparency and reliability of related judicial processes.  The result is the development of institutional frameworks that promote the sustainable growth of SMEs, thereby expanding economic opportunity.