Volunteers Share Their Experiences
Our volunteers get more out of FSVC missions than visiting a foreign land. They are part of a reform process that is critical to global development.  Below are firsthand accounts from our volunteers.

Mr. Harris Berger
A consultant and professional trainer,
Harris Berger has volunteered many times for FSVC, passing on his extensive credit and lending expertise in India, Indonesia, Algeria, and Egypt.

FSVC volunteer Harris Berger (pictured standing) with bankers in Morocco  
"All of the people that I’ve met at FSVC are true development professionals and have an in-depth understanding of the business climate in the countries that they work in. It’s been a great experience to volunteer.  I have more than 30 years of commercial credit, commercial lending, and professional training experience in banking and credit to offer.

The credit and lending infrastructures were very basic in these countries, so clearly there is a great opportunity for volunteers to add value.  The bottom line is, people overseas are just like us.  They want to have good careers, they want to put food on the table and send their kids to school, and one of the great benefits of the FSVC volunteer experience is to solidify cultural relationships overseas." 

Mr. Robert Pasley

A former Senior Vice President at Bank of America, Bob Pasley helped Russian and Moroccan banks build up their anti-money laundering systems.
"FSVC’s great strength is its ability to draw upon a great cadre of knowledgeable and willing volunteers.  I personally have more than 30 years experience in banking regulatory work and, more recently, anti-money laundering, and volunteered to teach Russian banking staff employees about the anti-money laundering policies and procedures of the United States.
I found most everything about the experience rewarding, including the chance to make a presentation to a large group of high-level government and banking industry executives, give three days-worth of lectures to a group of employees from the Central Bank of Russia and private banks, and meet with a small group of executives from the Central Bank of Russia and respond to their questions.  The Russian bankers were very insightful and had clearly been thinking about anti-money laundering issues."