Partners Share Their Results
Financial Services Volunteer Corps Assessments of Impact

“We at the Bank of Albania greatly appreciate the FSVC technical assistance provided in certain areas concerning central banking, particularly banking supervision, anti-money laundering and internal audit.  I strongly believe that this technical assistance has been highly beneficial to the staff, contributing to a better fulfillment of their tasks and responsibilities at the Bank of Albania.”

- Ardian Fullani, Governor, Bank of Albania

“With FSVC, things are different [than with the traditional firms].  First of all, they are very, very productive…second is the continuity of contact.  Because the Volunteers work closely with individuals in client countries, they develop relationships with them that extend past the project’s completion.”

- The late Andrei Kozlov, First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia

“The Financial Services Volunteer Corps is a Peace Corps for the financial sector in developing countries.  The Volunteers give their time and their expertise to establish a functioning market economy in developing countries around the world.  The Volunteers are financial experts on these issues, and they make lasting friendships with the people they assist.  The Corps represents the best of the American spirit in carrying out this important mission.”

- The late Honorable Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. Senator, Massachusetts

“The tremendous strides that Central and Eastern Europeans have made towards adopting the apparatus of a free market financial system are laudable.  I am pleased that FSVC has played a role in this critically important process, and that it has done so by relying on the superb skills and Volunteer spirit of so many American experts.”

- John C. Whitehead, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, FSVC

“The work of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps is essential to establishing institutions that anchor civil society.  What makes FSVC so effective is that they enter a country and work as partners with their counterparts to strengthen central banks, commercial banks, or even stock exchanges to meet the highest of international standards.”

- Dr. Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State, Board Member, FSVC

“Working toward transparent financial systems that function properly, with integrity at their core, is crucially important for developing economies.  FSVC is uniquely able, because of its model, to provide urgently needed strategic assistance without bias or conflicts.”

- Paul A. Volcker, Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

“Economic growth cannot occur without the financial infrastructure to support it.  This includes a healthy commercial banking system, a solid central banking system, and strong capital markets.  The social and economic prospects of the countries in FSVC’s sphere of operations are dependent on the development of this infrastructure.”

- John C. Whitehead and the late Cyrus R. Vance, Co-Founders, FSVC