Success Stories



FSVC Success Stories

Below are success stories from recent FSVC projects.  Click on the links to read the reports in their entirety.

 2016 Success Stories
 Training Civil Society Organizations in Budget Analysis (February, Tunisia)
 Consultations to Strengthen Civil Society Organization Coalitions (June, Angola)
 Soliciting Citizen Input on Budget Planning (May, Tunisia)


2015 Success Stories
Workshop for Civil Society Organizations on Disseminating Citizen Budget (December, Tunisia)
Training on Efficient Risk Management for MFIs (December, Egypt)
Training on Enhancing MSME Products & Services (December, Egypt)
Consultations on Organizational Tools for Management of Public Projects (November, Tunisia)
Public-Private Forum to Facilitate SME Registration (August, Jordan)
U.S. Study Tour for Future Egyptian Banking Leaders (May, Egypt)
Expanding Microfinance Products (April, Egypt)

Creating a Pool of Certified Coaches to Help Business Start-Ups (April, Jordan)
Promoting Transparent Budgets and Enhancing Citizen Participation in Budgets (April, Jordan)

Encouraging Open Budget Policies (February, Jordan)
Improving Registration and Licensing Processes for Small Businesses (February, Jordan)

2014 Success Stories
Workshop on Lessons Learned in Improving Public Financial Management in Zambia (December)
Developing an Effective National Business Registry System in Jordan (September)

Helping Banks in Tanzania Combat Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering (July)
Participation of Bank of Uganda Examiners in U.S. AML Bank Exam (June)

Consultations and Workshop on AML/CFT for Forex Bureaus in Kenya (June)
Improving Public Access and Participation in Jordan's National Budget Process (May-June)
Trainings on Best Practices in SME Restructuring for Judges in Morocco (April-May)
Increasing Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt (April)
Workshop to Improve Public Financial Management in Zambia (March)
Developing Capacity of Civil Society
 to Promote Fiscal Transparency in Tunisia and Libya (March)
Training on Venture Capital Funding in Egypt (March)

Training on Capital Markets Development in Burundi (February)

2013 Success Stories 
Promoting Women-Owned MSME Growth in Rural Egypt (December, Egypt)
Consultations on Financial Literacy Curriculum (October-December, Egypt)
Consultations on Developing Non-Financial Services for SMEs (Oct-Nov, Tunisia)

Consultation on Structuring an SME Banking Unit (November, Tunisia)
Workshop on AML/CFT for Commercial Banks (November, Uganda)
FSVC Provides Tunisian Entrepreneurs Access to Investors (October, Tunisia)
Strengthening the Capacity of the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency (May-Jun, Albania)
Study Tour on SME Lending and Enabling Legal Framework (June, Tunisia)
Workshop on AML/CFT for Commercial Banks (June, Kenya)
Training on Entrepreneurs Network and Business Plans in Regions (May, Tunisia)
Workshop on AML/CFT Supervision and Compliance for Insurance (May, Kenya)
Training in Advanced Risk Management for SMEs (March, Egypt)
Private Equity Certificate - Training in Venture Capital: Valuation (February)