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      In this issue:

      -FSVC Hosts Panel Discussion on Globalization, Populism and Emerging Market
      -Jordan: Preventing Terrorist Financing in the Non-Profit Sector
      -FSVC Presents 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award
      -Albania: Improving Tax Collection to Support Growth
      -Tunisia: Improving Budget Advocacy to Make Government More Accountable           to Citizens
      -Angola: Mitigating Financial Risks in the Public Sector
      -East Africa: Strenghtening Regional Social Security Administration 
      -Spotlight on FSVC Regional Director based in Tunisia: Moez Dalloua

      FSVC News, August 2016

      In this issue:

      -FSVC and Carnegie Corporation of New York Host Symposium on                
      Strengthening Cooperation in Era of Growing Tensions
      -Republic of the Marshall Islands: Keeping the Country Linked to the
      International Financial System
      -East Africa: Managing Pensions and Social Security
      -Angola: Improving Budget Management
      -Jordan: Adopting International Standards to Combat Financing of Terrorism
      -Somalia: Facilitating Dialogue on Financial Supervision Policy
      -Uganda: Strengthening AML/CFT Capacity at Financial Intelligence Authority
      -Ukraine: Evaluating Megabank's Credit Analysis Processes for MSME and  
      Retail Loans

FSVC News, April 2016

In this issue:

-A Tribute to John Steinbruner
-Spotlight on FSVC Volunteer Expert Phyllis Resnick
-Albania: Improving Tax Collection
-East Africa: Adopting a Regional Payments System
-Egypt: Increasing Access to Finance for MSMEs
-Indonesia: Stregnthening AML/CFT Supervision
-Tunisia: Increasing Budget Transparency
-Interview: FDIC Secondee John Lombardo

FSVC News, May 2015

In this issue:

- Albania: Launching Hybrid Mobile Payments System
- Egypt: Developing Franchising Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
- Indonesia: Assessing AML/CFT Capacity of Regulators
- Jordan: Designing a Citizens Budget
- Tunisia: Improving Budget Accountability
- Discussion with Saeb Eigner of the Dubai Financial Services Authoritiy

FSVC Insights, November 2014

In this issue:

- Morocco: Reforming Bankruptcy Law
- Uganda: Building AML/CFT Capacity
- Jordan: encouraging Transparent budget Policies
- Tunisia: Strengthening communications on Budgetary Issues for Ministry of Finance
- Zambia: Improving Pubic Financial Management
- Angola: Study Tour to the United States
- Spotlight on FSVC Counterpart: Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency

FSVC Insights, August 2014

In this issue: 
- Egypt: Increasing Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs 
- Jordan: Identifying Obstacles to Small Business Registration 
- Albania: Strengthening Regulations for Savings and Credit Unions 
- Tanzania: Helping Banks Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing 
- Hong Kong: FSVC/Carnegie Conference on Strengthening Cooperation on Issues   Related to Finance, Energy Security and Climate Change 
- Kenya: FSVC's Global Staff Meeting in Nairobi 
- Spotlight on FSVC Volunteer Expert John Glazer 

FSVC Insights, May 2014

In this issue: 

- Albania: Developing Mobile Payments 
- Uganda: Banks Tackling Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing 
- Jordan: Facilitating Small Business Registration 
- Egypt: Promoting the Growth of Women-Owned Businesses in Rural Egypt 
- New FSVC Programs in 2014
- Zambia: Improving Public Financial Management 
- Interview with FDIC Secondee Frank Hartigan 


FSVC Insights, November 2013

- FSVC Hosts Regional Fiscal Transparency Conference in Marrakech, Morocco
- Kenya: AML/CFT Workshop 
- Tunisia: Helping Emerging Entrepreneurs 
- East African Community (EAC) Secretariat: Payment and Settlement Systems 
- Carnegie Corporation Grant 
- Egypt: Enhancing Financial Support to Female Entrepreneurs 
- Albania: Study Tour in Frankfurt, Germany, for Bank of Albania