Public Financial Management


Public Financial Management - Overview

One of FSVC’s core program areas is promoting fiscal transparency and combating corruption in emerging market countries.  FSVC is currently working with government officials in several countries to improve budget management and execution, and with civil society organizations (CSOs) to strengthen their capacity to advocate for greater transparency.

Areas of Expertise
  • Assistance to governments in their capacity to collect and analyze fiscal data;
  • Work with CSOs to establish a procurement monitoring unit to ensure fair and transparent rules; and
  • Capacity building activities for CSOs and activists to help them establish sustainable budget watchdog agencies. 

Angola - Supporting Efforts to Improve Public Financial Management (2014 - Present)

Due to the abundance of oil and other natural resources, Angola has experienced substantial economic growth and increased investment over the past two decades; however the recent decline in commodity prices has highlight the need for the Angolan government to adjust its management of public resources.  FSVC’s program assists the government with addressing inefficiencies in budget management and tax collection, and helps improve the ability of civil society organizations to advocate for budget reforms and effectively monitor government expenditures in Angola.

NY State Deputy Budget Director and FSVC volunteer expert David Lara speaks
to the Angolan Ministry of Finance


Zambia - Strengthening Fiscal Transparency (2013 - 2015)

Zambia is a resource-rich country that could greatly benefit from more transparent budgets and payment processes to promote inclusive economic growth.  In line with this objective, FSVC provides technical assistance to five government ministries to improve their capacity to collect and analyze fiscal data through their Integrated Financial Management Information System.   


FSVC volunteer expert Kerry Dunn with workshop participants in Zambia 


MENA Region - Promoting Fiscal Transparency (2012 - Present)

Following the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa region in 2011, there has been increased domestic and international interest in government accountability and budget transparency.  In this context, FSVC is helping to promote fiscal transparency and combat corruption primarily in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, but also in Jordan and Morocco.  FSVC helps strengthen the capacities of CSOs and government officials to improve the budgeting process and quality of expenditures.  


Jordan - Promoting Open Budgets (2013 - Present)

Jordan has committed to increasing access to information at every level of government, including access to timely, high-value data in formats that can be easily understood and utilized by the general public as well as interested parties.  To help meet this objective, FSVC, with support from the U.S. Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), is implementing a program to build capacities at the Jordanian government and strengthen and equip Jordanian CSOs with tools to advocate successfully for greater transparency in the government’s budget and expenditures.